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FiF: Celestia 
fighting style: Various (master rank at many martial arts due to long life)
Winning Quote: gotcha!
Side Story:2 years prior to before the rise of the Equestria underground, Princess Celestia had started to investigate the rise of a secret gathering of people, under the name of the Galaxy Syndicate, whos very purpose was to learn how to use the same magic that Celestia and her sister used to raise the moon and the sun, for weapons of mass destruction to rule the other kingdoms with a iron fist. Trying her hardest not to bring her love ones into this, Celestia embarked to crush the rebellion syndicate personally with her own power, and while it seemed like she was winning the fight at first, the Galaxy Syndicate influence spread, and a underworld power struggle started to break out after Celestia had “supposedly” taken them out. Despite wanting to return, Celestia continues to fight under the pretense of being MIA, to find and destroy any knowledge about the sun and the moons magic, and quelling the rising voice of crime thats becoming ever more present.
  • 24 January 2013
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